Top 11 QlikView Tips and Tricks

We covered designer and editor shortcuts already, but there are still many more tricks I would like to share with you. Those QlikView Tips and Tricks will enhance your development experience even more!

  1. Selecting multiple objects in Designer –  to do that, simply select objects using your mouse (same way you select multiple items on computers desktop).  If your dashboard is huge and you cant see all objects you want to select, or those are just not next to each other, use Shift. Keep it pressed and add objects to selection by clicking their titles. 
    When selecting with your mouse make sure, that whole object is selected. I mean really whole. If you’ll miss 1 pixel QV will not add this object to selection.

  2. Bulk change properties for multiple selected objects. Right click on any of selected objects header and select Properties (or simply hit Ctrl + Enter). After that you will be able to change Font / Layout / Caption options for all Objects at once. I find it most useful when changing Layout properties:QlikPad 02-27-15 at 09.15 PM

  3. Duplicate any existing QlikView object by moving it with Ctrl pressed. Simply release mouse button to create a copy, when small green cross will show up:QlikPad 02-27-15 at 09.41 PM

  4. Move locked objects using Alt Key. Simple as that, if object in designer does not have “Allow move / size” option ticked, you will not be able to move it. Unless of course you will click Alt before trying to do so. Cursor will change to notify you that, object is movable:

    QlikPad 02-27-15 at 07.57 PM

  5. Resize / move parts of the chart. Hold Ctrl + Shift, when Chart object is selected. Using this method, you can for example move (and pin) Legend to the bottom of chart:
    QlikPad 02-27-15 at 08.02 PMQlikPad 02-28-15 at 06.38 PM

  6. Moving object between Sheets. To move object to different Sheet, select it and drag it on top of desired Sheet name. When white arrow (as in picture) will show up – release the click. This is very useful as standard Cut -> Paste operation is changing ID of an object, which is not good when you have built macro around existing structure. This method will move exactly object which is being drag and dropped, instead of making new instance of this object.
    QlikPad 02-28-15 at 07.25 PM

  7. Move selected object by 1 pixel in every direction using Ctrl + arrow keys – move selected object by 1 px (This also works with locked objects!)

  8. Move selected object by 10 pixels in every direction using Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys – move selected object by 10 px  (This also works with locked objects!):QlikPad 02-28-15 at 06.48 PM

  9. Toggle between open QVW files by pressing Ctrl + TAB

  10. Open window with detailed document technical  information by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Q

  11. Lets’ finish with most useful (in my opinion) Qlikview shortcuts we covered previously:

  • Expression overview Ctrl + Alt + E (Expression overview is built in tool which really deserves your attention, as it lists all expressions used in whole document and allows bulk changing them!)
  • Open Editor Ctrl +
  • Reload Document: Ctrl + R
  • Activate Previous / Next sheet F6 / F7
  • Open object Properties: Alt + Enter
  • Comment & Uncomment code: Ctrl + K C / Ctrl + K U
  • Enter sample code: Ctrl + Q Q
As a bonus: great post on Qlik Community by  Lee Matthews “QlikView How To (or Tips & Tricks) Application” 

I really hope you learned something new from this post and you already know which one of those QlikView Tips and Tricks is your favourite 🙂

Jakub Szurogajło

Self-motivated, certified QlikView developer and designer, currently working as Business Intelligence workgroup manager at Harman - Connected Services division.

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