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OK, so we already know how to speed up coding, but are there any shortcuts which we can use in designer? Of course! Let’s first turn on “Show Shortcut keys in ScreenTips” option, which will allow us to memorize some of the QlikView designer shortcuts faster. To turn it on, simply right click in the Designer’s menu area and choose “Customize” from the menu. Go to Options tab. After that tick the box near function’s name, like on below screen:

Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips option - QlikPad.com

From now on Shortcuts will be shown when you hover over menu icons:

Menu after option is turned on - QlikPad.com


This time I will not cover “Edit” menu Commands, as they are exactly same as in my previous post for QlikView Edior Shortcuts (you do not want to ready again that Ctrl+C = Copy, do you? :))

QlikView designer  shortcuts: File Menu Command shortcuts

New File CTRL + N
Open File. CTRL + O
Open in Server. CTRL + SHIFT + O
Save. CTRL + S
Save As. F12
Print. CTRL + P
Print As PDF. CTRL + SHIFT + P
Edit Script. CTRL + E
Reload. CTRL + R
Partial Reload. CTRL + SHIFT + R
Table Viewer. CTRL + T

QlikView designer shortcuts: View / Selections Menu Commands Shortcuts

Current Selections CTRL + Q
Toggles layout design grid on or off. CTRL + G
Lock on the Selections menu (locks all selections). CTRL + SHIFT + L
Unlock on the Selections menu (unlocks all selections). CTRL + SHIFT + U
Clear on the Selections menu (clears all selections). CTRL + SHIFT + D
Make all hidden sheets and  sheet objects visible CTRL + SHIFT + S

QlikView designer shortcuts: Settings Menu Command Shortcuts

User Preferences CTRL + ALT + U
Document Properties CTRL + ALT + D
Sheet Properties CTRL + ALT + S
Variable Overview CTRL + ALT + V
Expression Overview CTRL + ALT + E
Add Bookmark CTRL + B
Edit Module CTRL + M
Alerts CTRL + ALT + A

QlikView designer shortcuts: Object Menu Command Shortcuts

Lock (locks selections in active object). CTRL + L
Unlock (unlocks selections in active object) CTRL + U
Clear (clears selections in active object). CTRL + D
Properties… (opens the Properties dialog in active object). ALT + ENTER

QlikView designer shortcuts:  F Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Activates context sensitive help. F1
Enters search mode if a searchable object is activated. F3
Activates the sheet tab to the left of the currently active tab. F6
Activates the sheet tab to the right of the currently active tab. F7

I hope you enjoyed this list of useful Qlikview Shortcuts!

You can read about Editor shortcuts in my other blog post

Jakub Szurogajło

Self-motivated, certified QlikView developer and designer, currently working as Business Intelligence workgroup manager at Harman - Connected Services division.


  1. Hello here is another extremely useful shortcut.
    CTRL + Shift + S = disables all conditions and makes all “Hidden objects” available

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