QlikPad – what is this all about?

Hello everyone!

I have created this site as an online QlikView NotePad (QlikPadwhich I will use to store useful / interesting findings from QlikView world. QlikView is a great tool with almost unlimited possibilities. Every day I am finding something cool about it, which I will want to store and document somewhere. I thought, that if someone else can benefit from this knowledge, then why not sharing it on a webpage…

During my QlikView Developer career I got sometimes stuck with easiest things, just because I did not know a proper function to utilize, or simply misunderstood (on not understood fully) ones which I was using. I will sometimes go “back in time” and explain those tricky issues which I finally overcome. 

Jakub Szurogajlo (Kuba)

Jakub Szurogajło

Self-motivated, certified QlikView developer and designer, currently working as Business Intelligence workgroup manager at Harman - Connected Services division.

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